Home Energy Calculator Available on SWEPCO Website

SWEPCO has launched a new feature on the company’s website at www.swepco.com for customers looking to lower their home energy costs. With a few mouse clicks, a HomeEnergyCalculator™ will analyze a home’s current energy use and simulate various energy-saving measures to see the corresponding dollar savings.

The HomeEnergyCalculator™ provides estimates of energy use based on customer information about the home. An Appliance Calculator shows how much household appliances cost to operate, and a Lighting Calculator shows savings by switching to compact fluorescent bulbs.

“In a virtual environment on the web, customers can adjust their thermostat settings; turn down the water heater temperature; install storm windows or change out their heating and cooling systems to see how much energy they might save,” says David Langston, Customer Services manager. The calculator automatically factors in local weather and current electricity prices.