North Desoto Estates Service Improvements

We are installing more than 20,000 feet of underground electric cable and replacing 78 transformers in North Desoto Estates to better serve you. This $3 million investment will improve the safety and reliability of service for customers in this Stonewall neighborhood.

How will this impact me?

  • SWEPCO’s subcontractor Volt Power will be working in customers’ backyards and other areas where the underground cable and equipment are located.
  • Please make arrangements to keep your outdoor pets safe while crews are working in your backyard.

What about my fence?

  • We will attempt to notify you at least 48 hours prior to temporarily removing fences.
  • Fences will be replaced as soon as possible, likely within one to two days.

What about my landscaping?

  • Your landscaping may be temporarily removed in order to replace underground cable.
  • Some landscaping - including those outside of our right of way - may need to be removed or trimmed to accommodate workers and trucks.
  • We will replant or replace landscaping located outside of our right of way and 10 feet or more away from power lines and facilities.

Will I lose power?

  • Some planned outages will be required in order for crews to safely work on electrical facilities in the neighborhood.
  • You will receive an automated phone call at least 48 hours prior to a planned outage.
  • Outages may be isolated. They may not impact all of your neighbors.
  • Please log into your account at and update your phone number.

How long will the project take?

The entire project is estimated to last through fall 2020.


Please contact your customer service representative, Steve Brocato at (318) 673-3551 or our customer service line at 1-888-216-3532.