Deciding on a Vehicle

Is an EV right for me?

Thinking about purchasing an EV? Consider the following:

  • Price. Some of the new EVs are higher priced, but you can receive federal tax credits toward your purchase. Some states also offer savings incentives. Prices are expected to drop as they become more mainstream.
  • Your electric bill. Charging an EV at home will increase your electric bill. However, electricity is less expensive and more efficient than gasoline.
  • Maintenance. BEVs have simpler designs, fewer moving parts, and are less costly to maintain. No oil changes or other costs typically associated with gas engines. PHEVs have longer service intervals, thereby reducing costs.
  • Batteries. Car manufacturers may offer warranties for batteries.
  • Performance. Electric vehicles provide exceptional torque and power upon acceleration.
  • Driving habits. Miles driven per day. Vehicle need for extended trips. Access to charging stations.

Nearly every major automaker and many startup manufacturers offer electric vehicles in their lineup. You can follow many of the new EVs at Plug In America or