Driving Distances

How Far Can I Go?

The following table summarizes how far you can drive based on the type of EV you own. Actual distance will vary depending on your driving habits, and regional climate.

Type of Electric Vehicles

HEV Distances

  • Up to around 300 miles, depending on fuel tank size
  • Allow just a few miles of electric driving; the rest is gasoline.
  • The battery is used mainly in stop-and-go traffic to assist the gas engine for better MPG.
  • Work well for longer trips

PHEV Distances

  • Typically in the 300-mile range using electric motor plus a small tank of gas
  • Between 16 to 50 miles in all-electric mode on a single battery charge; then, gas engine takes over
  • Work well for longer trips

BEV Distances

  • Average between 60 and 120, up to 300+ miles all electric on a single charge
  • Work best for daily commutes
  • Longer trips may require alternate transportation.