Effect on the Grid

Can the Utility Infrastructure Support EV Charging?

The number of EVs on the road in the U.S. is expected to increase. Studies show that today's U.S. electric generation and transmission system can support a growing number of EVs as long as charging occurs during off-peak, nighttime hours.

What AEP is doing

AEP is ready to Power the Road by supporting the full-scale commercialization and deployment of EVs on America's roadways. To prepare for the increase in EVs, AEP is working closely with communities, vehicle manufacturers, and other vendors to ensure our homes and electric system are ready. These relationships help us better understand and manage the impact that charging will have on the electric grid.

  • We're testing EVs with our own employees and customers.
  • We're working with vendors to develop new technologies to ensure safe charging.
  • We're developing innovative rates and incentives that will benefit EV owners at home and at work.

How you can help

We want to make sure your transition to driving an electric vehicle is smooth and positive. Here's how you can help:

  • Charge at Night. Charge your EV at night when electricity demand is low. This helps us better manage demand.