Smart Thermostat Rebate Program Rules and Guidelines for Louisiana and Texas

Receive $75 per ENERGY STAR®-certified smart thermostat. Limit two (2) per service address.

Rebate Details:

  • Rebate applies only to SWEPCO customers with an active residential account.
  • Rebates are limited to two (2) smart thermostats per home.
  • Rebate will not exceed sales receipt amount.
  • Rebates are issued in the form of a gift card, not utility bill credits.
  • The pre-paid Visa gift card must be activated within seven (7) months of receipt and all funds on the card must be used within four (4) months of activation.
  • Rebate application and copy of sales receipt showing retailer name, address, purchase date, price, proof of payment, product manufacturer and model, must be submitted within 30 days of device installation and set up.
  • SWEPCO is not responsible for inaccurate information.
  • Funding for this program is limited to funds availability.

Rebate Application Details:

Qualifying smart thermostats must have receipt dated on or after January 1, 2020. Completed rebate application and copy of sales receipt showing retailer name, address, purchase date, price, proof of payment, product manufacturer and model, must be submitted within 30 days of device installation and set up. Rebates will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until the allocated program funds are depleted. First-come, first-served status will be determined by the date the rebate application is received by the program administrator.

Failure to complete all information will result in denial of rebate. SWEPCO reserves the right to amend or suspend this program without notice.

SWEPCO reserves the right to conduct random inspections to verify installation of the incentivized equipment at the installation address listed on the form. The customer agrees to allow SWEPCO access to the smart thermostat/equipment and to use data as enabled from the thermostat manufacturer. SWEPCO reserves the right to inspect installations before issuing a rebate. If the residence does not have the qualifying material or work installed, the homeowner may be required to pay back the rebate.

Limitations of Liability; Indemnification

In no way shall SWEPCO be liable for, and Customer hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless SWEPCO, its subsidiaries or affiliates, and their respective employees, officers and directors, from and against any and all liability, loss, damage, cost or expense, including attorney’s fees, that may be caused by, due to, occasioned by, or otherwise arising out of the installation, operation, or misuse of customer’s installed materials and installations.

Customer acknowledges and agrees that in no event shall any statement, representation, or lack thereof, either express or implied, SWEPCO, relieve the customer of exclusive responsibility for the customer’s systems. Specifically, SWEPCO approval of the rebate application, payment of the rebate, or any SWEPCO inspection of the qualifying materials and installations shall not be construed as confirming or endorsing the materials or installation or its operating or maintenance procedures nor as a warranty or guarantee as to the safety, reliability, or durability of the materials or installation.

SWEPCO is not responsible for items lost or delayed in the mail, or any rebate delayed due to incomplete or incorrect information on the rebate application and/or receipt.

SWEPCO is not responsible for any taxes that may be imposed as a result of your receipt of any rebate.

Qualifying Customers:

  • This program is available only to SWEPCO residential customers who own or rent a residential home or apartment.
  • To qualify as a smart thermostat, the unit installed should have the following capabilities and installation parameters:
    • ENERGY STAR certified
    • Wi-Fi enabled
    • Remote adjustment via smart phone or online
    • Automatic scheduling
    • Energy history
    • Occupancy sensing
  • A smart thermostat linked to the rebate must remain installed at the original qualifying location, and cannot be removed if/when the customer moves.

Qualifying Installation:

ENERGY STAR-certified smart thermostats must be fully installed, operational and connected to the internet via Wi-Fi prior to submitting a rebate application. For your convenience, here’s a list of ENERGY STAR-certified smart thermostats.

Thermostat installation must conform to all applicable building, local and state codes, manufacturer specifications and requirements.

How to Submit Rebate Application:

Qualifying customers with qualifying installation can submit up to two (2) requests for a $75 rebate.

Louisiana and Texas customers, please allow three (3) to five (5) weeks after submitting your online application for the rebate to be processed. Make a copy of all receipts and documentation for your records before submitting for rebate. If you have any questions, please contact C Adcock at 318-673-3514 or