Understanding Your Bill

Our new bill design is easier to understand. You can see at a glance when your bill is due, how much energy you have used, and payment options. Our new look was designed by and for our customers.

Find how much you owe, the bill’s due date and your account number at the top of the page.

Current Charges

This chart breaks down your charges from your current billing cycle into easy-to-understand categories.

Electric Service

The costs of generating your electricity and delivering it to your home or business.


Fuel costs used to make electricity.

Taxes and Fees

Pass-through charges from local government agencies (often used to benefit schools, cities and county services such as 911).


The amount of electricity you used in kilowatt hours.

Usage History Chart

Review up to your past 13-months history to see trends in your energy usage and to gauge which months you potentially spend more.


PO Box 371496
Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7496
1-800-611-0964 ($1.85 fee)

Here is where you find your payment options to either pay online, by mail or by phone.

Payment Stubs

If you mail us your payment, please include this portion of the bill.