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Arkansas 2024 Formula Rate Review


Notice is hereby given that Southwestern Electric Power Company, Inc. ("SWEPCO") filed with the Arkansas Public Service Commission ("APSC"), on April 15, 2024, an Application for Approval of a Rate Adjustment and Evaluation Report pursuant to its Rate Schedule No. 50, Formula Rate Review Rider ("Rider FRR"). The Company requests an order approving its proposed Rider FRR Rate Adjustment of $15.2 million by September 25, 2024. SWEPCO request that such final order be issued by the Commission twenty (20) days prior to the effective date of the Rate Adjustment. If the Commission does not issue a final order by such date, the proposed Rate Adjustment shall become effective for bills calculated on and after October 15, 2024.

Requested Rate Increase

Rate Class FRR Revenue Dollars FRR Rider Rate %
Residential $5,989,216 5.7%
General Service $1,746,126 6.1%
Lighting and Power $6,395,647 6.7%
Large Industrial $719,184 7.9%
Municipal $68,957 5.8%
Lighting $232,632 5.6%

Information relative to the filing, including the scheduled date and place of the hearing that will be conducted in this matter, can be obtained from Karen Shook, Secretary of the APSC, 1000 Center Street, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201, who can be reached at Karen.Shook@psc.state.ar.us or 501.682.5782. A copy of the Application, Evaluation Report and related filing documents will be available on the APSC website, https://apps.apsc.arkansas.gov/olsv2/docket_search.asp, following the Application filing date. This information may be obtained by selecting "Online Services," "Docket Search," and inserting the docket number, 23-012-FR. The information will also be available at http://www.SWEPCO.com/frr2024 following the Application filing date.

Interventions by interested persons should be filed in compliance with the provisions of the APSC Rules of Practice and Procedure ("RPP") Rule 4.02(a)(1), related to the contents of the petition to intervene, and the Rider FRR Formula Rate Review Protocols, which can be found in Attachment E to Rider FRR, related to filing deadlines. Petitions to Intervene must be filed with the APSC within ten (10) calendar days from the Application and Evaluation Report filing date unless good cause is shown pursuant to RPP Rule 2.05. Limited Appearances should be filed in compliance with the provisions of RPP Rule 4.02(b) both as to the contents of the verified statement of position and the filing deadline, which is twenty (20) days prior to the date set for the hearing, except for good cause shown. Interested persons may also submit public comment in writing via the APSC website or orally at the hearing pursuant to RPP Rule 4.07.

The APSC will conduct a public hearing where it will accept oral public comments, on or before August 26, 2024, unless waived by SWEPCO and the other Parties (subject to APSC approval). Following the hearing, SWEPCO anticipates that the Commission will issue a final order in which it resolves any issues in dispute and approves the proposed Rate Adjustment along with any revisions ordered by the APSC. If a final order is not issued by September 25, 2024, the proposed rate adjustment shall become effective for bills calculated on and after October 15, 2024, subject to refund.

Further information regarding this matter may be obtained by contacting the Office of the Secretary of the Commission or view the Commission's website and reference APSC Docket No. 23-012-FR.

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