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Louisiana Electric Rates

These tariffs are available only to customers of Southwestern Electric Power Company, which is registered to do business in Louisiana as American Electric Power. If you have questions about these tariffs, please contact AEP customer service at 1.888.216.3523.

2024 Refund

Louisiana Public Service Commissioners have approved SWEPCO's request to refund customers, correcting a mistake in the 2023 Formula Rate Plan. SWEPCO's Louisiana customers will see the refund as a credit applied to their bills beginning in July. SWEPCO discovered the error while preparing a new Formula Rate Plan filing this year. The error overstated a revenue line item by $23 million in the 2023 Formula Rate Plan and only impacts Louisiana customers.

Louisiana customers will see a credit on their July, August, and September bills. The line item will appear as rate refund rider, and their total refund amount will depend on how much electricity they use and other guidelines set forth by the Commission.

News Release


While preparing the April 2024 Formula Rate plan filing in Louisiana, SWEPCO discovered an error between two spreadsheets in accounting cost of service model that selected the wrong line or balance for accumulated depreciation when establishing the total rate base amount. As a result, rate base was overstated.

Customers should see a credit applied directly to their bills beginning in July and ending with their bills for September.

You will see a credit on your July, August, and September bills. The line item will appear as rate refund rider.

Your total refund amount will depend on how much electricity you use. Our customer services and billing agents are reviewing individual accounts to ensure an accurate refund for every customer.

No. The refund is typically issued as a credit directly on the customer's bill.

No. The refund will depend on a customer's current usage.

The refund will be based on a factor applied to the customer's kWh usage and the monthly customer charge. This will not include fuel costs.

Louisiana customers eligible for a refund will be credited during the time period as described. However, if they move, they would not receive a credit. When a residential customer closes their SWEPCO account during a general refund to customers, the credit goes back into the total balance owed to customers and gets distributed to existing customers.

This refund is only available for Louisiana customers. It was an independent issue that was a calculation/cell error. It was looked at for our other states to confirm the same issue wasn't made, and it was not.

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