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Associated Business Development

When the power goes out, get your high-voltage equipment back up and running quickly with our technical and rapid response expertise.

Know Whom to Trust When Your Power Goes Out

Businesses, governments and institutions that operate on-site, high-voltage distribution and transmission equipment understand the benefits that can help them meet their unique power needs and achieve business goals. They also know the risks. When an electrical equipment failure occurs, the meter starts running on costs for unplanned downtime and disruptions to production and services occur.

If you’re responsible for the operation and maintenance of transformers and other high-voltage equipment your organization owns or leases on-site, at some point you will need access to emergency power replacement equipment and specialists. Our technicians will do whatever is required to locate and coordinate all available resources to make repairs and get your operations moving again.

Confidently Provide the Power for Your Next Project

Emergency response is not all you’ll need. If you plan to build or expand on an existing site, your project will most likely require a plan to build high-voltage distribution and transmission equipment. Our specialists work alongside your team on the design, procurement and construction on your project site to ensure you have the appropriate tools and service.

Keep Your Business Powered Up

You’ll benefit from our Associated Business Development capabilities, which can help you enhance operations and productivity and achieve your overall business goals. These premier services include:

  • Distribution and transmission — Own your own network of poles, substations, transformers, transmission lines and associated equipment that we’ll install, maintain and repair for you.
  • Leasing — Locate your cellular equipment on our communication towers and high-voltage electrical structures.
  • Training — Enhance the skills of your line technicians and station mechanics (municipalities, co-ops and electrical contractors) alongside our employees when space is available in AEP classes.
  • Bucket truck testing — Protect your workers and equipment with dielectric testing to ensure that your fleet vehicles are properly insulated and can withstand contact with high voltage.

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