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About Southwestern Electric Power Company

Every day, the men and women of Southwestern Electric Power Company work to meet the expectations of our customers. Reliable increasingly clean energy. New solutions. Excellent customer service.

We know that individuals, families, businesses and communities rely on us. We recognize our special responsibility to more than half a million customers in Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas.

We build and maintain the electric grid - poles, wires, substations, power plants you often see, along with the new technology that is making the system smarter and more reliable. We are bringing more renewable energy, energy efficiency education and new technology to our customers.

You may know our linemen best as the face of the company, especially in the wake of powerful storms so common across our region. They are part of our SWEPCO team, more than 1,400 strong, serving our customers and communities 24/7. We are proud to be a part of those communities.

Folks may not realize that at one time, our business included ice, streetcars, water and gas. That's part of our rich history spanning more than a century of service. We're built on the combination of three companies - Shreveport Gas, Electric Light and Power Company, Caddo Gas and Oil Company, and Texarkana Gas and Electric Company - owned by a trio of brothers - Rufus, Henry and Charles Dawes.

The three combined their holdings in 1912, and Southwestern Gas and Electric Company was born. Forty-six years later, the company had exited its other businesses to focus on electricity, and the name changed to Southwestern Electric Power Company, one of four utilities owned by Central and Southwest Corporation. In 2000, CSW merged with American Electric Power (Nasdaq: AEP). Today SWEPCO is one of AEP's seven regional electric utilities.


  • SWEPCO is an American Electric Power (Nasdaq: AEP) company
  • Service territory - Northwest and Central Louisiana, East Texas and the Texas Panhandle, Western Arkansas
  • Customers – 543,100, including 232,800 LA, 187,500 TX and 122,800 AR
  • Headquarters - Shreveport, La.
  • Transmission lines - 4,126 miles
  • Distribution lines - 26,150 miles
  • Generation capacity - 5,034 MW coal and gas and 469 MW wind (12/31/2021). See fact sheet for wind energy updates.

Service Territory

Southwestern Electric Power Company serves 543,400 customers in northwestern and central Louisiana, western Arkansas, East Texas and the Panhandle area of North Texas. Its headquarters are in Shreveport, La.

Connect With Us

Customer Service: 1.888.216.3523
Report Outages: 1.888.218.3919

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