Average Monthly Payments

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AMP – our Average Monthly Payment plan – puts bills on a more even track, year-round. With AMP, you pay an amount each month based on your average monthly electrical usage. That way, you spread the costs of cooling over the whole year. And that makes budgeting – and summer bill payment – a whole lot easier.

Best of all AMP is free. Learn more about our Average Monthly Payment Plan.

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Average Monthly Payment (AMP) Plan Details

The AMP plan is calculated monthly based on the current twelve month average which fluctuates slightly. This plan recalculates each month which avoids the potential of accumulating a large settlement balance, or credit, at the anniversary month.

  • At the anniversary month, any remaining balance or credit is divided by twelve and applied to the AMP monthly payments for the next twelve months.
  • Settlement occurs only when participation in the plan is terminated due to the account becoming delinquent, the account closing or you request to be removed from the plan.

The calculated Average Monthly Payment Plan amount for this account is currently at $0.00