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SWEPCO Crews Work to Restore Power Following Severe Weather | Update #5

May 28, 2024

SWEPCO Crews Discover More than 500 Unique Repair Locations Following Four Confirmed Tornadoes That Struck Northwest Arkansas Early Sunday 

SWEPCO crews mobilized to restore power safely and as quickly as possible 


What You Need to Know 

  • The National Weather Service confirmed at least four tornadoes hit Benton County in Arkansas early Sunday morning. NWS surveys and reports are ongoing. Our hearts are with all the NWA residents, their families and restoration teams as recovery efforts continue. 
  • SWEPCO crews quickly mobilized in support of our Northwest Arkansas customers. Following initial assessments from the extreme storm, which reportedly clocked 80 - 95 mph winds, crews identified more than 500 unique repair locations. Work is underway to replace approximately 400 utility poles; approximately 75 transformers; more than 8 miles of conductor wire. Assessments are ongoing. ?
  • Already, crews have restored power to nearly 8,000 customers. Crews continue to restore power to remaining customers whose property can receive power. SWEPCO estimates 95 percent of all customers who can receive power should be restored by 10 p.m., Friday, if weather permits. Additional weather may alter restoration estimates. Most customers currently without service will have power restored before the overall estimate. Restoration may extend further in isolated instances where extensive repairs are needed. 
  • To aid in the repairs, SWEPCO mobilized an army of support from across its three-state service territory as well as from its sister utility, Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) and from line and tree crew professionals from other parts of Arkansas, Alabama, Indiana, Louisiana, New Jersey, Oklahoma and Texas. We are grateful for the response, and this expanded crew that now numbers more than 600 responders.
  • With continued severe weather forecast across SWEPCO’s service territory, customers are encouraged to stay weather aware. 



Current weather could slow restoration work as crew safety is a priority. Customers should remain weather aware as there are storms predicted throughout the week across SWEPCO’s service territory. The latest data shows additional damage, and that number could continue to rise.SWEPCO crews remain undaunted and estimate 95% of customers who can receive power should be restored by 10 p.m. Friday. 


Now is the time for customers to determine whether their home can receive power - SWEPCO cannot connect power to a home or business if there is damage to the service entrance, which is owned by the customer. Customers must have a licensed electrician repair damage before power can be restored.  

We ask for your continued patience while our crews work as quickly and safely as possible. Please allow crews space to work and refrain from approaching them. 




Currently, SWEPCO has restored service to more than 8,000 customers.  Work continues to restore power to everyone. Estimated restoration time for 95 percent of those whose property can receive power is 10 p.m., Friday. 


Learn more about our restoration process.  



Enroll in our alerts at SWEPCO.com/Alerts 



Find post-storm safety tips: https://www.swepco.com/safety/ 

Report outages: Report outages: SWEPCO.com/outage 



What should customers do if they see downed lines? 

Don't touch it or anything near it. Even telephone or cable lines can become energized. Keep yourself and others as far away as possible and call 911 or SWEPCO immediately at (888) 218-3919. 


When are customer repairs needed? 

If there is damage to the service entrance or weatherhead on your home or business, you must have a qualified electrician repair this damage before power can be restored. Keep in mind: an electrical inspection may be required. After repairs are made, contact SWEPCO at 1-888-216-3523 to have power restored. 



To receive the latest alerts and information from SWEPCO, customers should: 



We will continue to keep you informed as more information becomes available. Updates will be provided at SWEPCO.com as well as other communication channels.  



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