SHREVEPORT - Chevyland in Shreveport was awarded a $25,000 incentive from the SWEPCO LA Commercial & Industrial Solutions Program for LED lighting upgrades. The energy-saving measures have significantly reduced the amount of electricity used at this Shreveport car dealership.

The Commercial & Industrial Solutions Program helps SWEPCO business customers save energy and money by providing facility improvement recommendations and financial incentives based on the verified electric energy and demand savings. The completed upgrades will provide big energy savings for the local car dealership, and create a more inviting environment for customers and employees. For detailed program information, visit www.swepcogridsmart.com.

“SWEPCO Commercial & Industrial Solutions Program provides essential technical and financial resources to help us improve energy management,” said Steve Horn, President of Chevyland. “Our energy savings will allow us to maintain the highest level of customer and employee satisfaction, as well as afford additional improvements.”

Specifically, the energy efficiency improvements will save 502,375 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, equal to the annual greenhouse gas emissions from 824,793 miles driven by an average vehicle, according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calculations. “We’re proud to serve as an energy-efficient role model in the community,” said Horn.

 “SWEPCO identified a real need for an energy efficiency program that specifically targets commercial facilities in our service area, especially as budgets are spread thin,” said Jeff Thigpen, Energy Efficiency Consumer Program Coordinator. “This program is only part of an organized effort by SWEPCO to promote energy efficiency in our service territory.”

Chevyland was able to streamline their LED lighting upgrade by partnering with E-Tex Lighting & Energy Solutions, an enrolled participating contractor in the SWEPCO Commercial and Industrial Program. In addition to the incentive check Chevyland will receive from SWEPCO, E-Tex is also awarding Chevyland with an Energy Stewardship Award for its continued and exceptional sustainability practices.

MEDIA CONTACT: Kacee Kirschvink, SWEPCO Corporate Communications 318-673-3394