Health Effects Of EMF

We all are aware of certain safety issues associated with electricity, such as electric shock. But some scientists also have raised questions about potential health effects caused by exposure to electric and magnetic fields (EMF). Researchers are trying to determine whether EMF can lead to cancer, particularly childhood leukemia or brain cancer. So far, studies have been inconclusive or have failed to link EMF to cancer.

Questions about health effects from EMF exposure first arose in the 1960s and 1970s with the use of higher transmission voltages in the U.S.

Early research focused on electric fields. Studies of electric fields overall have found no evidence of biological changes that could lead to health effects.

The research focus moved to magnetic fields when, in 1979, an epidemiological study suggested that magnetic fields might be linked to childhood cancers. Since then, while some statistical associations have been reported, no actual health effects have been demonstrated.

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