EMF Research And Other Information

AEP takes any health and safety issue very seriously. Therefore, the company monitors scientific and technical developments and public policy related to EMF as part of its ongoing effort to provide a safe environment.

AEP itself does not actively conduct research on the health effects of EMF. However, through its membership in the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI – the research organization for the electric utility industry), AEP has sponsored and continues to sponsor research.

Southwestern Electric Power Company and AEP were among sponsors of the U.S. Department of Energy’s $45 million EMF Research and Public Information Dissemination (RAPID) Program.

Upon request, AEP will conduct measurements of EMF. However, interpretation of such measurements is impossible because no level of exposure has been determined to be unsafe.

You can obtain additional information about electric and magnetic fields at numerous websites. By providing the links below, AEP is not endorsing the accuracy or quality of nor does it necessarily agree with any conclusions set forth by these sources.

Please see Health effects of EMF for links to current reports on that specific topic.