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The "Power Line Safety" fact sheet can be used as an educational resource for training classes, meetings, community events and other learning opportunities.

Stay Away From Downed Power Lines

Never touch a downed power line. A common myth is that a power line is insulated like a power cord. What may look like insulation is actually weatherproofing material, which offers no insulation. Power lines are not insulated like power cords.

What if I see a downed power line?

  • Don't touch it or any wire near it. Even telephone or cable lines can become energized
  • Call 911 or contact Southwestern Electric Power Company at 888-216-3523

What if a power line is touching my car?

If your vehicle comes in contact with a downed power line,

  • Stay put and seek help
  • Honk the horn, roll down your window and yell for help, use your mobile phone
  • Make sure to tell passersby not to come near the vehicle

What if I have to exit the vehicle?

If you have to exit a vehicle that has come in contact with downed power lines,

  • Remove loose items of clothing
  • Jump clear of the vehicle, landing with both feet together
  • Keep your feet together and shuffle or "bunny hop" away from the car