Energy Efficiency 101

Tips and Resources

The following resources offer up-to-date tips, videos, links and more to help you learn to cut back on your energy consumption.

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Learn to cut costs through weatherization, turning down the heat, and changing old habits.

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Find ways to avoid high electric bills as the temperature outside increases.

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Find ways to reduce the amount of electricity you consume through lighting and light fixtures.

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Water Heating

Read how taking shorter, cooler showers can help keep your electric bill lower all year round.

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Learn more about the long-term affects on your energy consumption by replacing older home appliances.

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Electronics & Computers

Learn ways to control phantom consumption from electronics such as televisions and computers.

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Read how placing trees and shrubs in the right places on your property can help reduce energy use.

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Ten No/Low Cost Savings Tips

Learn about minimal investments you can make to save money.

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Online Energy Checkup

Manage your home energy use and costs with this interactive tool.