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December 11, 2020

A mockup of the new Data Browser dashboard, which provides customers with insight into their energy use and costs.

Launched on Tuesday, November 17, the new Home Energy Management dashboards enable SWEPCO residential customers to learn and do much more when it comes to their energy use. The goal is to empower real change in everyday habits, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Customers can access the following four dashboards by logging into their account at SWEPCO.com and scrolling down on their Account Summary page and by clicking on Energy Usage in the left-hand navigation bar of the Account Summary page:

  1. On the Account Summary page, the Bill Comparison dashboard lets customers compare their monthly bills and help them understand why there are differences in cost. If a customer has lived in their home for more than a year, the default setting is a comparison between the current bill and the bill from the previous year. If not, the default setting is a comparison between the current bill and the last bill.
  2. On both the Account Summary page and the Energy Usage page, the Home Energy Analysis dashboard provides an estimated breakdown of a customer’s energy costs based on how they fill out the online Home Energy Profile. This completed profile also allows the other dashboards to offer more relevant and personalized content.
  3. The Data Browser dashboard at the top of the Energy Usage page helps customers understand their energy use over time with relevant comparisons to weather, similar homes and prior usage. Customers can see high-level trends and identify spikes in their use to help them better manage their energy use and, ultimately, their SWEPCO bill.
  4. The Tips dashboard offers reasonable actions customers can take to control their energy use and save on their bills. These savings tips are organized in collections of “guides” so they’re relatable and fit into customers’ lives.

The dashboards also include an Account & Preferences page where customers can adjust the settings of their dashboards.

If you’re a SWEPCO customer, log into your account today to check out this new and exciting offering!


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