More Clean Energy Ahead

Improving the environment,
Saving customers money

SWEPCO plans to add 810 megawatts of wind energy by 2022 to bring more clean, affordable energy to its customers. SWEPCO filed applications with the Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas utility commissions on July 15, 2019, and expects decisions in 2020.

REGULATORY UPDATE: The full 810-megawatt SWEPCO project will move ahead to serve customers in Louisiana and Arkansas following final approval by the Louisiana Public Service Commission and Arkansas Public Service Commission. The Public Utility Commission of Texas denied SWEPCO’s application. SWEPCO’s sister company, Public Service Company of Oklahoma, has received final Oklahoma Corporation Commission approval of a settlement agreement in its plan to add 675 megawatts of wind energy.

SWEPCO’s long-term plan calls for more than one-third of the energy required by customers to be generated from wind and solar sources over the next 20 years.

Under this plan for SWEPCO’s energy source mix:

  • Wind energy increases from 9% to 26%, and solar is introduced and grows to 10%
  • Natural gas grows from 7% to 19%
  • Coal drops from 83% to 44%

Toward its goal, SWEPCO is proposing to add 810 MW of wind energy:

  • Enough wind energy to power 200,000 homes
  • Save customers an estimated $2 billion over the 30-year expected life of the wind facilities
  • Further diversify SWEPCO energy source mix – 810 MW moves wind to 21% of the mix
  • Help customers meet their own renewable energy and sustainability goals

SWEPCO is pursuing its proposal to acquire three Oklahoma wind generation facilities in conjunction with its sister company, Public Service of Oklahoma (PSO). These facilities were identified through a competitive bidding process to provide the greatest benefit to customers. They will interconnect to the regional power grid serving SWEPCO without the need to build additional transmission lines.

The portion of the wind generation allocated to each state may be adjusted depending on regulatory approvals.

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