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SWEPCO COVID-19 Update #3

March 18, 2020


SWEPCO understands the critical nature of the services we provide and has a team dedicated to making sure we can maintain these services during this pandemic and keep our employees healthy. We do not anticipate COVID-19 will cause any disruption in our ability to provide electric service for our customers.

We are following our emergency response plans and taking necessary steps to ensure we can serve our customers while keeping our employees healthy, including:

  • Instructing our line crews and other critical employees who interact with the public on how to perform their work and minimize exposure to the virus by practicing social distancing and other prevention measures.

  • Dividing employees into smaller teams and putting in place measures such as staggered work schedules and reporting to separate locations to help protect our employees who are critical to keeping power flowing.

  • Working with our suppliers and contractors on access to needed equipment and materials.

  • Continuously providing information to our employees about the virus, including prevention recommendations, resources, policy information and answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Collaborating with other utility companies and industry organizations on preparation efforts and coordinating with public health agencies throughout our service areas.

Suspension of service disconnections:

  • SWEPCO has temporarily suspended all service disconnections for non-payment. We know our customers are concerned about their families, and ensuring they have reliable electric service allows them to focus on staying healthy and well.

  • We urge customers to make every effort to keep their accounts current during the period when disconnections are suspended. If customers anticipate problems paying their electric bill, they should contact us by phone or through Facebook or Twitter to discuss payment options.

Additional Info:

  • All SWEPCO employees whose job functions allow them to work from home have been asked to do so until April 6, 2020. Employees whose jobs do not allow them to work from home have been instructed to come to work and practice social distancing and other prevention measures as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  • To help prevent transmission of the virus, we have restricted outside visitors to all of our facilities (except delivery trucks), restricted all business travel that is not business critical and restricted participation in face-to-face meetings – both internally and those hosted by outside groups.

  • We are monitoring any coronavirus tests, diagnoses and exposures of our employees and their household members, as well as personal international travel and international visitors staying in their homes. Some team members will be asked to self-monitor or self-quarantine depending upon their exposure.

  • This is a rapidly evolving situation. We are following recommendations from the CDC and continually reviewing our responses and the guidance we are providing to our employees.



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