SWEPCO Offers Valuable Customer Services

AEP Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) provides electricity to over 474,000 customers in 170 towns and communities in its three-state service area of East Texas, western Arkansas and northwest Louisiana.  “In addition to paying in person and by mail, SWEPCO also offers valuable bill payment options and services for its customers, which can be initiated by a simple phone call to our Customer Solutions Center in Shreveport at 1-888-216-3523, 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” says Scott McCloud, SWEPCO spokesman. There is no extra cost to the customer for most services:
            AMP - Average Monthly Payment plan: AMP allows the customer to pay about the same amount each month, making budgeting easier. Paying an average of your bills over the past 12 months lets you know in advance about how much you’ll have to pay. Most residential and commercial customers can qualify.
            “Checkless” Payment Plan: Let your bank take care of your electric bills with this automatic payment plan. This plan is available for qualifying residential customers with satisfactory credit history. Each month, on the due date, the amount owed is automatically transferred to SWEPCO from your checking or savings account. Customers still receive a bill as usual, with time to look it over before payment is deducted. With this plan, you save checks, stamps and time! To apply, customers complete and return an application.
            Retirement Plus Plan: Most customers must be 62 or older but some other ages can qualify. The plan gives qualifying customers ten additional days to pay their electric bill.
Medical Awareness Customer:  This planidentifies customers who use electricity for life-support equipment at home. SWEPCO takes action so these customers get targeted notifications in times of special needs. This plan requires a signed letter from a doctor about life support needs.
            Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (eBill): Customers can now pay their bill with one quick click. Have your bills delivered to your e-mail address and pay via internet. Once you sign up for on-line delivery, you will no longer receive paper bills from SWEPCO. Customers will receive an e-mail notice each month when your bill is available for viewing.  
            Pay by Phone:  This option allows you to pay your bill by telephone using a credit card, debit card, ATM card, or checking account. (Note: Texas customers may make phone arrangements only from ATM card and checking account). A service fee will be charged.
Call 1-888-216-3523 to find out more information about these services and programs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Scott McCloud
Corporate Communications