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Louisiana Commercial Solutions Standard Offer Program

The Commercial Solutions Standard Offer Program (CSOL) provides incentives for new construction and retrofit installation of a wide range of measures that reduce demand and save energy at eligible facilities in SWEPCO's Louisiana service territory. Incentives are paid to energy service providers (Project Sponsors/Market Actors) on the basis of deemed savings, or verified demand and energy savings.


Any SWEPCO commercial customer that owns or operates a site and has not previously qualified for or elected to participate in CSOL is eligible to host an energy efficiency project. The project may be developed by a qualified Project Sponsor/Market Actor or the customer can choose to sponsor the project independently.

Any entity that plans to install qualifying energy efficiency measures at a facility with non-residential electricity service from SWEPCO is eligible to participate as a Project Sponsor/Market Actor. These entities may include national or local energy service companies (ESCOs), local contractors, lighting companies and HVAC companies.

An eligible project is defined by the set of qualifying energy efficiency measures and the estimated demand and energy savings included in a single application.

Most energy efficiency measures that reduce electric energy consumption and summer daytime peak demand are eligible for CSOL.

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