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Energy star® pool pump rebate - Texas

Did you know your pool pump could be your Home's second largest energy user?

Conventional pool pumps operate at the same high speed regardless of the task assigned. Compared to a conventional pool pump, an ENERGY STAR-certified variable speed pool pump can significantly reduce the energy required (up to 70%) and the financial cost associated with the filtration, cleaning and circulation of swimming pool water. Variable speed pool pumps also provide for greater operational flexibility, quieter operation and a longer useful life.

How can I participate in the pool pump Rebate Program?

Our Texas residential customers who own or rent a home or an apartment can upgrade their existing pool pump to an ENERGY STAR-certified pool pump to qualify for a $275 rebate. Please note that pool pump rebates have limited funding. Rebates are only available while funding lasts.

Pool pumps that earn the ENERGY STAR label have been independently certified, based on actual field data, to deliver energy savings. Here's a list of ENERGY STAR-certified pool pumps.

You can purchase a pool pump online or at a local retailer. Be sure to save your receipt since it's part of your rebate application.

Once you've installed your pool pump and it's operational, you're ready to submit your rebate request through this online application.

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